Press Kit

Use the resources on this page to support the efforts of AOMA to educate and inform as to the safety and efficacy of Oriental Medicine and to enact legislation in Alabama to regulate the practice of acupuncture.

Talking Points:

This one page cited fact sheet offers 5 questions and answers that can be used to summarize what acupuncture is and why it should be regulated.

AOMA-talking-points docx

Acupuncture 2016 Landmarks


Have these PDFs reproduced on card stock, both sides of the page, then cut into quarters to create informative, inexpensive handouts to promote AOMA and its legislative mission.

oLegislative Fact Sheets:

These fact sheets were created for the 2012 Democratic National Convention Acupuncture in America booth and the Tuscaloosa Republican and Democratic Headquarters kick-offs.  They are current through Alabama’s 2013 legislative session. We are currently seeking bi-partisan sponsorship of our legislation.  We continue to seek co-sponsorship (R) and (D).

AOMA Fact Sheet (R)

AOMA Fact Sheet (D)

Powerpoint Presentation:

This powerpoint was created as an informational presentation for the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners.


Informational Handouts:

These informational handouts can be printed and bundled into preliminary educational packets to provide a brief overview of acupuncture credentialing and economic impact.

Know your Acupuncturist

States Using Exams

Economic Evaluation in Acupuncture-2009


These films provide important information about the safety and efficacy of Oriental Medicine and have been screened during community events.

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